Green Lightning

  "We were sought out by lightning. Our family of four.....we were all in the parlour at the time, and saw something nibble at the golden fringe of a scatter rug, run over Mother's shoe buckle, lap at wall plugs (not looking for an outlet, just foraging for metal), rummage in an open sewing kit, and browse along a shelf of books, leaving the gilt in some of the titles illegible. I remember thinking that in it's career across the living room it seemed to resemble some whimsical and very wicked bounced off a pair of pinking shears on a table and shot through the front door into the yard where it ended it's call by splitting up a cord of wet kindling." Comfort Me With Apples, Peter De Vries

Green Lightning, 1984. Steel, LEXAN, tin, transformers, neon, electricity,
wire, animators and concrete. Billie Lawless.


Green Lightning, Buffalo, New York, November 1984.

Green Lightning at dusk. Sculpture Chicago'85. Chicago, Illinois, November, 1985.

  Green Lightning, maquette. H: 16"  W: 48"  D: 58". Brass, tin, acetate,
  photocopy nylon gut, paint and wood.


Detail of stars.
                      Detail of lightning bolt.

Detailed Photos of  Boxes on Main Structure.

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